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National Housing Renovation (NHR) is a community service organization that has been established to help revitalize neighborhoods that have suffered through the recent economic recession. Communities are troubled by high rates for substandard renovation work. Our organization concentrates on making it possible for homeowners to receive quality home improvement finance programs that can possibly make any of your project(s) needs more affordable.

NHRP's services allow homeowners to approach rehabilitation work with ease and comfort. We take pride in providing each property owner(s) with the means of accomplishing home improvement work with reliable and dedicated individuals that work towards your specified financial goals.  Typically, our programs are able to greatly relieve the stressful burden of coming out of pocket for costly renovations by utilizing one of our financial programs to make it affordable.  

Our field specialists are informative and educate property owners on a range of financial rehabilitation programs that suit their individual needs. NHR’s programs and services ensure that each homeowner is satisfied with the quality, professionalism and knowledge of our staff. Our experienced representatives help guide and facilitate these programs to help property owners achieve a better life, community, and financial future.

Each homeowner must be qualified and approved by NHR before any such program may be granted to any individual. Most services provided by NHR are free of charge and administered by trained and experienced staff.

Disclaimer:  NHR is not associated with any city or state office nor any federal government program or office.