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Disclaimer:  NHR is not associated with any city or state office nor any federal government program or office.

How do I know if NHR can help me?

The NHR receives endless amounts of applications from property owners who are looking to do home improvements and gain assistance with making your project more affordable. Each situation is unique and we encourage homeowners to phone our call center and speak directly with a representative or fill out our pre-application on line. ​

Does NHR charge a fee for their service?

Most services provided by NHR are free and open to the public (call for more details). ​

How can NHR assist me?

NHR thoroughly assesses and qualifies property owners for various programs in order to make home improvement projects affordable and attainable. Our goal is to assist every homeowner reach their goals. Each file is unique; qualifications and approval are subject to type of project, income, debt, structure or dwelling type, as well as other specific factors that are involved when determining acceptance into the various finance programs.

I need to finance my home improvement project, can NHR help?

NHR works with both public & private lenders to provide homeowners with affordable options when approaching home improvement work. We help educate and direct homeowners to low interest rate financing programs to help reach their goals. Their are no obligations in using our service.

What if NHRP approves my application?

Approval with NHR is typically determined within 10 business days of application (excluding holiday's & weekends). Completed applications in entirety will only be considered throughout the process. Incomplete applications will not be considered and a new application will be needed to be considered. Upon approval of your application, NHR will assign you a Certified Field Specialist to assist you throughout the process. The Field Specialist's purpose is to educate and guide the homeowner of the various programs one may be eligible for through NHR in order to make your project(s) more affordable.