NHR specializes in placing homeowners into financial programs for home improvements in effort to help achieve an affordable approach to seeking financial help towards home improvements. These include, but are not limited to:

TAX CREDITS/CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS​On December 17th 2010, former President Barack Obama signed into law the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance
Re-authorization and Job Creation Act of 2010. Under this
law, property owners may claim a tax credit for the purchase
​of energy efficient windows, doors, siding and skylights. NHR Certified Field Specialists have been trained to determine the types of tax credits and capital improvement programs that homeowners may be eligible to receive. 

“NHR delivered everything they promised. My Certified Field Specialist was there to assist me throughout the process!”



TOXIC DEBT REMOVAL PROGRAM -NHRP ​Specialists work hand in hand with homeowners in order to structure the most economical and efficient debt removal program. This program is tailored to each individual and designed to remove high interest rate payments from credit cards, auto loans, student loans, secured and unsecured debt and more. while reducing it all to one low affordable monthly payment. We are dedicated to improve our homeowners’ lives and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.




to guide and educate you on the various programs that will concentrate on affordability.

Property owners may be eligible to receive financial programs depending on many factors such as the types of interior/exterior projects they wish to accomplish. All NHR programs that a homeowner may be qualified for are based on income, type of property, condition of property, type of renovation project, as well as other specific factors that will be determined at time of application. 

  • FHA 203K Rehab Program
  • FHA 203B Program
  • Title 1 Rehabilitation Program

Disclaimer:  NHR is not associated with any city or state office nor any federal government program or office.

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  • FHA Rate Reduction Program
  • H.E.C.M.
  • FHA Equity Accelerator Program